The day I gave my bed away and slept on the floor.

Ok, so the title sounds a little dramatic but it’s true.

Friday evening I was home alone.  My family had gone over to England to retrieve my sister’s belongings from her old flat and I was left to mind the animals. Plus I was on call until 9am Saturday morning so I had to reluctantly wait by the phone incase any shit went down.  Fortunately, no shit went down, and I got to spend my evening playing hide and seek with my dogs. Perfect.

The next morning it was my job to dismantle my ikea bed and get rid of it as my sister had a newer, nicer, more comfortable bed in England that she was bringing home.  It was pretty horrific to be perfectly honest.  Ikea furniture is the bane of my existence.  It’s like marmite.  You either love it or hate it.  Only obviously everyone loves Ikea, it’s just that you’re either a flat pack wiz kid or a complete d-i-y disaster.  I am obviously the latter.

Nevertheless, I managed to dismantle the entire bed within an hour or so and fortunately my friend Amber dropped in and declared she was in dire need of a new bed. Sorted!  We got the bed to her place, put it back up and I returned home to lie on my bedroom floor exhausted.

I got home and made a DELICIOUS chickpea and spinach thai curry with long grain rice.  It was literally the best thing I have ever made! Being vegan is getting easier by the day. It was simply spinach, a can of chicken peas, some home made thai paste (lots of recipes online) and a can of light coconut milk.  So simple and flavoursome.

As I may have mentioned before in my last post, today was the day I was doing a car boot sale to sell all the things I no longer need in my life and to get some more money together for my move to Barcelona.  It was so over-whelming as I, like most people, have a lot of stuff.  It took hours to get through it all and it was so difficult to pick which things would go and which would stay.  It’s hard to part with some things.

My family got home around 10.30pm exhausted from their trip.  They’d driven to England, packed up a house and drove back all within 24 hours.  It was for that reason that I told them to leave the bed in the van and said we would sort it out in the morning.  Afterwards I went upstairs to my partially bare room and lay down on top of my duvet that was now lying where my bed use to be.  I lay there with the lamp on staring at where things use to sit.  It was actually quite liberating to lie on the floor.  I could see my room from different angles.  I felt really peaceful.

My alarm was set for 5am as the car boot started at 6am. I jumped up off the floor when the alarm sounded feeling slightly stiff and sore but extremely motivated for the day ahead.  During the car boot I sold 85% of what I’d brought! It was a success! I made £160 on stuff that would have otherwise gone to the dump.  It felt so rewarding to let go of so many belongings.

Here’s a picture of my Mum after we set up our stall.

I returned home on a high and decided enough was enough.  I had to get rid of more.  I then spent a couple of hours emptying the contents of my drawers into bin bags, I took pictures off the walls and dismantled 2 sets of free standing shelves.  They have now all been removed and I’m lying in my new bed, in a more minimalist bedroom, feeling a lot more relaxed and positive about life.

I have only 5 more days in my job left to do.  I’m leaving this country for warmer weather and a happier, healthier lifestyle.  I have saved as much money as possible and I’ve cleared quite a bit of clutter from my life.  I still have a little left to do but it is completely doable.  Even though  I will only take what I need to Barcelona with me, I wanted to completely minimalise my room before leaving.  I didn’t want it looming over my head.

This weekend has been fantastic.

It makes me wonder though.  Has anyone else ever had this urgent need for minimalism in their lives?  Has anyone else ever just spent a weekend removing unnecessary items from their home?  I read so much online about people doing it gradually over a certain period of time and  I know their are no rules and everyone is different.

It would be great to hear peoples stories about how they came to minimalism. Let me know in the comments if you wish to share your story!
















Why I quit being a solicitor.

Studying law is no easy task. 3 years in university. 2 years doing your postgraduate diploma and lots and lots of debt. £30k to be exact.

Nevertheless this is the path I chose for myself at the young age of 17. I’m now 27 and I’ve decided enough is enough. I quit this rat race. I want more.

From a young age I dreamt about having a family, buying a house, getting married. All the normal things people do in their 20’s. However, now that I am nearing the end of my 20’s I have decided that there’s more to life than mediocre living. I don’t want a life filled with clutter and unnecessary stress. Money does not buy you happiness and possessions will never fill the empty void within.

I feel like so many people end up stuck in dead end situations for years before they realise how depressed they feel. Apathy truly is a silent killer that creeps up on you when you least expect it.

A couple of months ago I decided to change my diet by cutting out meat and dairy. I’d had a lot of horrible stomach problems and my doctor kept prescibing me drugs to “help”. I was adamant that drugs would not be a long term solution for me and opted instead to go to an allergy clinic and get tested. Turns out dairy and I don’t get along well. Flash forward a few months and I’m completely medication-less and 100% pain free. This has shown me that are always alternatives to the normal way of doing things and has led me to research other possible lifestyle changes I could make.

As a solicitor I feel unsatisfied and tired. So tired. How can a 27 year old feel this apathetic? It is scary that I have this mentality at such a young age and at the beginning of my career. It is such a fast paced environment to work in. The work never ends, the phone never stops ringing and the light at the end of the tunnel keeps getting further and further away.  And did I mention the money sucks too? Yes. It was bad and it just got worse.

Life is important. We only get one. So many of us have lost our way and need to regain perspective.  My last weekend was spent decluttering my bedroom. There are 10 bags of clothes sitting on my bedroom floor. I’m selling them at a car boot sale this Sunday morning. Everything must go! Seeing how much stuff I have to get rid of has shocked me to the core. How the hell do I have so much stuff?! When did I buy it? How much did it cost? No wonder I have no money. I spend it all on buying things I don’t need.

My goals for 2016 are to continue to live a vegan lifestyle and to use the concept of minimalism to help me focus on what is important in my life.  I have booked a one way ticket to Barcelona in 2 weeks time and I have decided to use this as a fresh start. This means I will be taking with me only the things that I need. No stress and no clutter.

To find our passions we must let go of the things that hold us back.